February 1, 2017

Scott H. Warren, Ed.D., Superintendent

Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103

New Signal &
Pedestrian Crosswalk
by Half Day School

The District has installed a pedestrian crosswalk signal called the Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB), which is located by Half Day School, at the intersection of Olde Half Day Road and Indian Creek Road.  It was designed to assist pedestrians in safely crossing Olde Half Day Road onto the school property.  The District has worked with a professional engineer and the Village of Lincolnshire to meet the required standards of this signal. 
The RRFB uses a rectangular shaped high intensity LED based light / indication bar that contains two (2) yellow LED indicators that flash in a rapidly alternating “flickering” sequence. The signal is activated by pedestrians when they push the crosswalk button. The lights flash for a set time that allows a pedestrian adequate time to cross the street. At all other times, the RRFB LED lights are not on and not flashing. While no traffic control device alone can provide complete protection, the District believes that the RRFB can offer safety benefits at certain locations when used properly. 
Please use care when driving or walking near Half Day School. Remember to use the crosswalk, and after activating the RRFB signal, please look both ways to ensure all traffic has stopped before crossing the street. As a pedestrian, being aware of traffic is the best way to stay safe.

For additional background on pedestrians' rights and duties, please refer to Illinois General Assembly's Illinois Vehicle Code: (625 ILCS 5/11-1002); (625 ILCS 5/11-1002.5); and (625 ILCS 5/11-1003).

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to increase safety for our schools.

Scott Gaunky, CPMM
Director of Facilities

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