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Prospective Parent Information

General Information for Families New to District 103

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  • Prospective Parent Packet:


Registration & Enrollment for New Students

Parents or guardians wishing to register and enroll their child(ren) in Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103 must provide an original or certified copy of the child's birth certificate. A photocopy cannot be accepted. If a birth certificate is unavailable, the parent may present other reliable proof of the child's identity and age that is supported by a sworn statement explaining why the birth certificate is not available. Other reliable proof of the child's identity and age include a passport, visa or other governmental documentation of the child's identity.

Steps to begin registration and enrollment are outlined below.

  1. To search the Lake County, IL Property Tax webpage for a specific address that lists Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District #103 as a district collecting taxes, visit: http://www.lakecountyil.gov/treasurer/payments/Pages/currentpaymentstatus.aspx
  1. For a helpful guide on requirements to establish residency, visit: http://www.d103.org/uploaded/documents/Superintendent/VERIFICATION_2016-17_OF_RESIDENCY_AND_ENROLLMENT.pdf
  1. For the area served by our elementary school district, please locate the map from Lake County, IL at http://maps.lakecountyil.gov/mapsonline/
  1. For questions about residency, please contact Norma Taylor in the Superintendent's Office at (847) 457-9302 or ntaylor@d103.org


Health Exam Requirements

All students are required to present appropriate proof that he/she has received a health examination and the immunizations against, and screenings for, preventable communicable diseases within one year prior to:

  • Entering Kindergarten or the first grade;
  • Entering the sixth grade; and
  • Enrolling in an Illinois school for the first time, regardless of the student’s grade.

Included as part of the health examination is a diabetes screening (diabetes testing is not required) for students and a statement from a physician assuring “risk-assessed” or screened for lead poisoning (until the age of six years).

For a summary of the Health Requirements, please visit our Health & Wellness webpage at www.d103.org/healthandwellness. Or, access the summary directly.


  • Our Mission:
  • To provide innovative learning experiences which empower each student to excel and make a difference in a diverse and interconnected world.
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