English Language Learning

  • District 103 is home to a diverse group of students and families. More than 35 languages are spoken in the homes of our students.

    Collaboration and co-teaching will be the focus for delivering high-quality instruction to our English Learners (EL’s) this school year. Under the guidance of author Andrea Honigsfeld, who also serves as the Associate Dean in the Division of Education at Molloy College, in New York, District 103 teachers in grades K–8 have studied the benefits of integrated English Language Learning (ELL) practices to accommodate the needs of our diverse students. Honigsfeld’s research on the benefits of co-teaching can be found on her website, Collaboration and Co-Teaching: Strategies for English Learners. Continuous professional development and dialogue will be provided as we work to establish a framework for creative collaboration between our general education and ELL teachers. District 103 teachers will continue their growth in this area through follow-up coaching sessions and study of Honigsfeld’s book, Collaboration and Co-Teaching Strategies for English Learners.

    Student language development is classified using six levels of proficiency standards established by World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA). Students move from “level 1 - entering” through “level 6 - reaching.” Based on these different levels, students receive various degrees of language support. The co-teaching model allows students an opportunity to learn academic content in the classroom with their peers while having their language needs met through a collaborative effort between their teachers. ELL student growth is assessed annually using the ACCESS assessment. This data will be monitored to ensure that students are progressing in their English acquisition. For more information about student language growth or the ACCESS assessment, please visit the WIDA website.

    Please address any questions about the ELL program to Kendra Perri, Director of English Language Learners, in the District 103 Curriculum & Instruction Department: 847-295-4030 or email her at kperri@d103.org.