Early Childhood Program

  • Our Early Childhood program at Sprague School provides a blended classroom setting that includes children ages 3, 4, and 5 and involves both general education and special education students learning side by side in a preschool classroom. These students benefit by receiving instruction and therapeutic services by District 103 employees who may continue to be their teachers into their early elementary years. Parents are also able to form relationships with these same teachers and therapists. We focus on developing the strengths and needs of the whole child. Our students spend time learning and playing together. We focus on learning through play by providing hands-on, interactive learning experiences. Our early childhood students participate in a variety of small and large group activities that focus on developing social and learning related skills through investigation, exploration, and discovery.

Early Childhood Programs

    • Early Childhood Self-Contained Classroom
    • Early Childhood Blended Classroom
    • Community Peers - Blended Classroom

Characteristics, Eligibility & Placement