Exceptional Learners' Collaborative

  • District 103 in cooperation with Districts 125 and 96 have established a cooperative to deliver services for our students with low incidence special education needs. This cooperative, the Exceptional Learners' Collaborative, offers us the benefits of local autonomy and pooled resources to leverage and coordinate delivery of services that meet special education needs of our students.

    For an overview of services provided by District 103 and the Exceptional Learners' Collaborative, please view the chart below.

    For details on the services delivered through the ELC, please visit the Exceptional Learners' Collaborative website.

District 103

  • Assessment

    • Early Intervention Transition
    • Early Childhood Assessment
    • Preschool Screenings
    • All K–8 Assessment

    Specialized Classrooms/Programs

    • Resource
    • Instructional Classes (Direct Instruction)
    • Intensive Instructional Program
    • Guided Program

    Related Services

    • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
    • Speech/Language
    • Social Work/Counseling
    • Psychology
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Adaptive P.E.


  • Related Services

    • Audiology
    • Hearing Itinerant
    • Vision Itinerant
    • Assistive Technology Facilitators