The Role of the Substitute Teacher

  • Below is a partial listing of duties that you can be expected to perform in your role as a Substitute Teacher with Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103.

    • Direct the learning experiences of students in both curricular and extracurricular activities.
    • Provide guidance to students that will promote their proper educational development and welfare.
    • Be responsible for student accounting.
    • Provide for the care and protection of school property.
    • Supervise students on the school grounds as designated by the principal.
    • Maintain cordial relationships with colleagues.
    • Follow the ethics of the profession.
    • Enforce policies and regulations as established by the board and professional staff.
    • Accept a fair share of supervisory duties at pupil activities in buildings and on grounds during school hours.

    Substitute Teachers are responsible for the condition of the classroom and the equipment at all times during their work assignment prior to the class of each period, and before the close of school at the end of the day. Substitute Teachers will hold students responsible for leaving the room clear of clutter of papers, textbooks, and other items for classroom use. If more than one substitute or teacher uses a classroom, it becomes the responsibility of all Substitute teachers or teachers using the room to ensure that it is in proper order. On leaving the room for the day, Substitute teachers will turn out all lights, close and lock all windows, and close all doors for their assigned classrooms.

    Substitute Teachers must be present when students are using a room or building of the school. Students or other unauthorized personnel are not to be lent keys. Substitute Teachers should not unlock rooms other than their own for any reason without the knowledge of the teacher responsible for the room.

Application Process

  • Step 1 - Correct Licensure 

    In order to be a Substitute Teacher (substitute) in Illinois public schools, you must possess:

    - Current Illinois Professional Educator License or

    - Current Illinois Substitute License

    Requirements to obtain either license are linked for your convenience.


    Step 2 – Application 

    Next, complete an external application at our online application site.


    Step 3 – Interveiw Analysis

    Human Resources receives notification of your submitted online application and will be contacted for interview.  If selected to be a Substitute Teacher in Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103, Human Resources will contact you via email with the next steps to complete the online