Healthy and Safe Foods - Snack Procedures

  • Due to the nature and severity of life-threatening allergies, the District established a snack procedure. Students may eat only the following snacks within their classrooms:  cheese, yogurt, fruits, and vegetables.

    Due to the high number of students with life-threatening allergies to nuts and peanuts, additional precautions will be followed:

    • Refrain from sending any nuts or products containing nuts to school with the exception of personal lunches.
    • Do not send containers that have held nuts, such as washed-out peanut butter jars to school.
    • We understand students enjoy celebrating their birthday with their friends. We request the treats be non-edible in nature in order to include and respect those students with food allergies.
    • At times throughout the school year, teachers or school-sponsored groups may provide treats for children. For these situations, our nursing staff will send out permission slips to participating students with known dietary needs.
    • Hand washing, after eating, is necessary to decrease the chance of cross-cross contamination on surfaces at schools such as common school books and equipment.
    • Remind your child that there is a “no eating” policy on the bus and that students should not share or exchange food.


  • Students with life-threatening allergies must have the following forms on file in the school nurse's office:

    • Allergy History Form Emergency
    • Action Plan

    Any medical action plan or medication form is only good for one calendar school year. Please be sure to re-submit a new action plan or medication form each school year as long as your student requires one. Food Allergy Policy: District 103 is promoting healthy and safe foods in all school settings to help ensure compliance with Board Policy 7:285 concerning life-threatening allergic reactions.