Student Responsibilities While Riding the Bus

  • Cell Phone and Tablet Use

    Devices may be used on the bus. If usage becomes disruptive, the student will be expected to follow driver directions in putting the device away. Taking photos and videos of peers or staff and/or posting them on social media during school hours or on the bus is prohibited.

    Emergency Equipment

    Tampering with school bus emergency equipment is forbidden and will result in loss of transportation privileges. 

    Student Responsibilities

    Each student riding a bus is expected to:

    • Follow any directions given by the driver ormonitor.
    • Enter/exit the bus in an orderlymanner.
    • Avoid physical playing or roughconduct.
    • Remain seated at all times.
    • Keep head and extremities inside the bus.
    • Refrain from playing musical instruments inside bus.
    • Refrain from eating, drinking, gum chewing, or smoking while on bus.
    • Respect the rights of others inside and outside the bus.

    Unacceptable Behavior

    If a student’s behavior is unacceptable, the driver will submit a written report to the school principal. The principal will investigate the incident and take appropriate action. Suspension is considered when the behavior jeopardizes other passengers or the safe operation of the bus.

    Bus Surveillance

    Video and audio cameras may be active on buses, in order to monitor student conduct and maintain a safe environment; and they may be used for the purposes of investigation into misconduct or accidents on the bus.