Parent Responsibilities

  • Change of Address

    In the event a family moves or has any change of address or phone number, parents or guardians must contact the school of attendance. The school will contact the transportation office with the change. It may take three to five business days to process a route change.

    Change of Bus Stop

    Drivers are not authorized to change established bus stops or routes without authorization from the Office of Transportation Services. The driver will face disciplinary action for changing bus stops or routes without permission. Bus stops or routes are not changed to meet temporary needs. If the student needs to ride home with another student for emergency purposes, the parent or guardian must submit a letter to the school office for approval. Requests for a change due to play dates or non-emergency reasons will be denied.

    Child Care Address

    Parents or guardians often request that students be delivered to a child-care facility instead of the neighborhood stop in the afternoon. Students may be dropped at a day-care address if the service occurs on a consistent basis and if the service can be accommodated on an existing route. Facility must be within D103 boundaries.


    Parents or guardians are liable for damages committed by their child(ren) to the bus and to private property at the bus stop.

    Late Bus Notification

    Parents or guardians are encouraged to enroll in Bus Bulletin to receive text, phone, or email notifications for late busing alerts.