Frequently Asked Questions Raised by Families

  • Account balances: Lunch account balances from last year will be applied to your student’s account shortly after the account is setup.

    Ordering two days in advance: Our district’s lunch program requires two days notice to ensure schools have the proper number of meals for children.

    Student Absence: If your child is absent on the day you ordered you have 24 hours prior to the child’s absence to cancel online or by email If your child leaves school before lunch on the day a lunch was ordered, please email for a credit to your child’s account.

    What if My Child Wants a Different Entree: If you ordered an entree but decide on another entree two days before the meal is scheduled to be served, simply go to to change the entree. To make the change 24-hours before the scheduled meal, email

    Service fees and meal prices: School lunches will not increase for the coming school year. Meal prices are competitive with area school districts. The service fee of 4.45% is applied to pay for the myMealOrder order and MySchoolBucks charges a flat fee of $2.49 per order. Many school districts in the Chicagoland area use myMealOrder to order lunches.

    Why are we making this change: We want to ensure our younger students receive the meal their parents order. Under the new system, the meal will have the child’s name affixed to it, ensuring they receive the meal that was ordered. The program also eliminates the need of parents having to send cash or checks to school. Ninety percent of elementary schools that Quest serves use this process.

    Paying by cash or check: Parents order lunches through the online websites of MySchoolBucks and myMealOrder. At those sites they will be asked to pay by credit card or through their bank’s ACH electronic payments transfer program. Checks can be dropped off at the school but parents must still order meals online and will be assessed a convenience fee. 

    Why does District 103 have two different lunch payment programs: 

    • Half Day and Sprague parents have been asking for more control over what their children eat to ensure allergen and dietary restriction accommodations are being met
    • At Daniel Wright, our older students appreciate being able to choose their entrees or a la carte items, something they will have even more control over when they enter high school.  

    What if I forgot to order a meal for my child: If students forget their lunch or parents thought they purchased a lunch and didn’t, we will ensure all children have a meal for lunch. The child’s lunch account will be charged for the meal and the parent can pay it at a later time.

Updates to myMealOrder

  • Our school lunch provider, Quest Food Services, revisited the program offered at Sprague and Half Day after taking into account input from parents. The following are some changes Quest instituted after the start of the school year:

    • You can now order lunches two days in advance (instead of three days) on to make it easier on you and your student to decide what the child would like to eat. If your child decides that he/she does not want the items you ordered, you can go in and cancel two days in advance as well. Please note that all orders for Monday should be placed by Friday.
    • If students forget their lunch or parents thought they purchased a lunch and didn’t, we will ensure all children have a meal for lunch. The child’s lunch account will then be charged for the meal in your myMealOrder account. We have never or will never turn away a student. If you do not have a myMealOrder account, we encourage you to sign up in case your child forgets a lunch.
    • At Half Day, we have expanded our A La Carte Options. Click on A La Carte under each day and you select which item you would like to order. After you checkout, the purchased item will be waiting for your child at lunch. These items must also be preordered and do not come with salad bar or beverage. We will also post a menu with prices on the website.
    • On Pizza Day (Tuesdays), if you order pizza, it comes with ice cream. If you do not order pizza but want ice cream, order ice cream only.
    • For the last year, Sprague decided not to offer a salad bar on pizza day due to lack of space in the cafeteria. Staff is looking into a way to offer both. In the meantime, we send a vegetable with the pizza in lieu of salad bar.
    • All entrees come with unlimited salad bar and a beverage.
    • You can order beverages only (milk, water or juice) if you do not purchase a meal. Click on Daily A La Carte Drink Order on the left of the menu page and select beverage of your choice then check out.
    • If you would like to add extra money to your account, you can go to “My Account” and add a payment.
    • If you select “Manual Payment”, please send a check to school the next day.
    • If you ordered a meal and your child is sick, please reach out to Mary Janiak at and she will issue a credit to your account.
    • If there are any other concerns, please reach out to Rebecca Cohen, District Manager at