Powerful Uses of Technology

  • We have a carefully curated set of apps for every grade level. We strive to foster creation over consumption. We organize our apps into broad categories that support learning in the following ways:

    • Apps for Foundational Knowledge: How can we help students learn the basics?
    • Apps for Using Knowledge: How can we contextualize learning and make learning engaging and meaningful? How can students use their knowledge?
    • Apps for Learning Progress Management: How do we keep track of student learning? Promote a transparent curriculum? Make learning progressions clear? Help students navigate their learning? Maintain evidence of mastery?
    • Apps for Personalizing Learning: How does technology help us tailor the learning to the student?
    • Apps for Supporting Independent Learning: How can technology help the student do more on their own and need the teacher less?
    • Apps for Assessment: How can technology help us capture what students know and can do?
    • Apps for Home/School/Global Connection: How can technology help us stay better connected to parents, peers, and experts?