Personalized Professional Learning

  • In Future Ready Schools, technology and digital learning expand access to high-quality, ongoing, job-embedded opportunities for professional learning for teachers, administrators, and other education professionals. Such opportunities ultimately lead to improvements in student success and create broader understanding of the skills that comprise success in a digital age.

    The elements that comprise this Gear are as follows:

    • Shared Ownership and Responsibility for Professional Growth
    • 21st Century Skill Set
      Diverse Opportunities for Professional Learning Through Technology
      Broad-Based, Participative Evaluation

    Digital Professional learning communities, peer-to-peer lesson sharing, and better use of data and formative assessment, combined with less emphasis on "sit and get" professional development sessions eliminate the confines of geography and time. These ever-increasing resources, as well as non-traditional forms of professional learning, offer teachers and administrators vast new opportunities to collaborate, learn, share, and produce best practices with colleagues in school buildings across the country. Digital leaders establish this type of collaborative culture. They model and are transparent with their own learning. In addition, educators must be engaged in more collaborative, goal-oriented approaches to the evaluation of their own teaching to serve as a personal model for the experiences that they might bring to students.