Data & Privacy

  • Data privacy and security are foundational elements of digital learning. The district ensures that sound data governance policies are enacted and enforced to ensure the privacy, safety, and security of confidential data sets. Such policies and procedures ensure that access to authorized persons is secure. Education professionals have a range of resources, trainings, and services available to build their awareness and capacity to implement such policies and procedures with precision.

    The elements that comprise this Gear are as follows:

    • Data and Data Systems
    • Data Policies, Procedures, and Practices
    • Data-Informed Decision Making
    • Data Literate Education Professionals

      A personalized, learner-centered environment uses technology to collect, analyze, and organize data to provide continuous cycles of feedback to students, teachers and other education professionals, with the intent of increasing the depth, breadth, complexity, and efficiency of learning. All policies and practices ensure student data privacy.