Use of Space & Time

  • Personalized learning requires changes in the way instructional time is used and the learning space is designed. Many schools are shifting away from Carnegie units to competency-based learning. This type of system adapts learning to meet the needs, pace, interests, and preferences of the learner. As the pedagogy shifts, so too must the learning space.

    The elements that comprise this Gear are as follows:

    • Flexible Learning; Anytime, Anywhere
    • New Pedagogy, Schedules, and Learning Environment for Personalized Learning
    • Competency-Based Learning
    • Strategies for Providing Extended Time for Projects and Collaboration

    This transition is made possible through innovative uses of technology for diagnostic, formative and summative assessments, for managing learning, for engaging students in learning, and for providing anywhere, anytime learning. Such transitions required districts to rethink and more effectively leverage the use of instructional time and space.