After School Activities

  • Sprague School offers a variety of After School Activity (ASAs) classes throughout the school year.  Register for class and pay fees on the District 103 RevTrak Web Store.

Fall After School Activities

  • Registration for Fall After School Activities (ASAs) begins on September 8 at 6:00 p.m. and ends on Tuesday, September 14 at 6:00 p.m.

    Registration takes place online using the RevTrak Web StorePlease only sign your student up for one class due to the limited number of classes being offered this session.

    Note that all classes end promptly at 3:45 p.m. and require prompt student pick up. Please note that class size minimums must be met. If the minimum is not met to hold a class, we will refund your payment. There is also a maximum number of students for each activity, which differs depending on the class. Once a class fills to its maximum, you will not be able to register your child for the class.

    Laura B. Sprague is offering After School Activity (ASA) classes for Sprague students to fill their fall afternoons. Classes run from September 22 through October 28.

    • Art Club (class size 20 students open to kindergarten through second-grade)

      • Let’s get creative in Art Club to learn skills and techniques, work on exciting projects and experiment with different mediums.  We will learn about clay, two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, painting, drawing and more!  Get ready to make some outstanding artwork!  Material Fee per Student:  $10.00

    • All about Animals with Mrs. Hofmeier (class size 14 open to kindergarten students only)

      • Do you enjoy learning about animals, playing animal games or just pretending to be an animal?  If you do, join in our fun after-school activities where we will do animal relays, play animal games like Monkey Tag, and have animal scavenger hunts.  Be ready to have fun, make new friends and learn about Animals!

    • Learn to Draw (Class size:  14 - Kindergarten & first-grade students) 
      • Do you like to read and draw? Well then this is the perfect place for you! Each week students will read a new book together and learn a drawing based on the book with step-by-step instructions. These exercises will help students to build their fine motor skills and gain confidence to present their creativity through art. Material Fee per Student: $7.00
    • Hands on Animal Art – (Class size:  14 - Kindergarten & first-grade students) 
      • Join us as we learn about animals through this fun art class! Each week students will learn about a different animal and engage in a hands-on arts and craft project, inspired by their new animal friend. These exercises will help students use their imagination to create a masterpiece.
        Material Fee per Student: $7.00