eLearning Introdution

  • District 103 has made the decision to close schools to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. We know that there is no replacement for teacher contact time with students in the classroom. Students and parents can expect teachers to continue to provide learning on the most important grade-level content while also maintaining a personal relationship for learning. This will primarily be accomplished through the use of online learning and district-issued iPads. Through this remote learning, we know the learning experience will be very different and will require a strong school and home partnership. This will require the full cooperation of students, teachers and parents to make this instruction meaningful.

How Remote Learning Works

    1. Each day an email with specific instructions for the day will be sent to all parents with children in early childhood through eighth-grade. In addition, student in grades 5-8 will also receive an email from their teacher(s).

    2. We would prefer communication take place through email during this time of eLearning.

    3. Teachers will respond to student and parent emails and provide general feedback to students and parents on overall class/project/activity progress.