Learning During COVID-19

children in masks
  • The D103 Board of Education August 4, 2020, unanimously voted in favor of delaying the start of in-person learning by four weeks due to the continuing spread of COVID-19. The District will track the spread of the virus using information provided by the Illinois Department of Public Health and make decisions regarding having students attend in-person when the spread of COVID-19 is more contained.

    Superintendent Scott Warren made the recommendation at Tuesday's meeting after sharing the Illinois Department of Public Health metrics, which are showing a rise in Lake County COVID-19 cases.

    The district altered its in-person learning plan to a hybrid model for grades 3-8, which includes alternating in-person learning and remote learning 2-3 days per week in order to adhere to the Illinois State Board of Education guidelines that students must be six-feet apart in the classroom. Children in grades EC-2 will continue with daily instruction once the district resumes in-person learning.

    In a parent survey this summer, 52 percent of families chose remote learning for their children and 48 percent opted for in-person learning for their children.

    Please visit our YouTube channel to watch the Board of Education discuss the Fall Opening Plans for D103 and their responses to parent comments. Board presentations are available on our D103 Boardbook.

    Our entire District 103 community needs to work together to create the best learning environment we can for our children. It will take all of our efforts to have a successful year. COVID-19 is here and all of us have a part to play to ensure we keep ourselves, our families and each other’s families healthy. Please, follow the three most important actions to help stop the spread of COVID-19:

    1. Wear a mask
    2. Keep a 6-foot or greater distance between you and others
    3. Wash your hands frequently 

    These efforts have shown to drastically reduce the spread of COVID-19. Individuals who have followed these efforts have been able to mitigate COVID-19 effects in their communities.

    Thank you for your partnership as we continue to move forward with teaching and learning this fall. I leave you with a quote from Philo of Alexandria:

    “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”.

    With great respect,
    Scott Warren, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of D103 Schools