Special Education Transportation Division

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  • Special Services Transportation is a related service that can be part of a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP). Transportation can only be added to a student's IEP through the IEP committee. The IEP committee must include representatives from both the transportation and special education services department.
    • In the mornings, students should be ready to go at least 10 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Drivers are instructed to wait no more than 2 minutes past the scheduled pick-up time.
    • For students needing assistance, it is the parent's responsibility to provide assistance from the residence to the vehicle, or from the vehicle to the residence.
    • For students needing supervision, please arrange to have someone at the residence in the afternoon to receive the student. Drop-off times in the afternoon can vary depending on whether or not other students assigned to ride that vehicle may be absent that day. If no one is at the residence to receive the student, the student will be returned to school.
    • If there is a need to change the student's pick-up or drop-off location, please notify the school. In turn, they will contact the transportation department. The transportation department can only honor changes in address from the student's school or from the Central or School Office.
    • As a general rule, special needs students will not be dropped off at home unattended unless the IEP dictates otherwise.
    • If your student will not need transportation for the day or for an extended period of time, we ask that you contact the transportation department. Should there be no notification and it has been 3 days, transportation service will be discontinued and will not re-start until we receive a phone call from the guardian.

    Contact the transportation department by phone at: (847) 295-8258 for more information.


    What are the responsibilities of the driver?
    • Our bus drivers work directly for the school district, under the supervisor of the Transportation Department.
    • Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District drivers are professionals who carry credentials and receive training for their important jobs.
    • They are responsible for driving the bus safely, transporting students and staying on schedule. They aide the bus monitor with the handling and care of the students. 
    • The bus drivers have instructed not to honk their horns at bus stops, please do not ask them to. Be waiting outside, the bus will only wait 2 minutes before leaving. 
    What are the responsibilities of the monitor?
    • Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District monitors have training in proper wheelchair tie-down techniques, as well as emergency evacuation skills for special needs students. 
    • Secure seat belts, wheelchairs, car seats, safety vests.
    • Maintain discipline, ensuring students are safe, and that they remain in their seats, sharing problems with teachers. 
    • Administer and seek emergency medical help when needed.
    • Most commonly interact with parents.
    • Bus monitors are instructed not to go to the door or upstairs with students. Someone designated by the family must meet the child at the bus.
    What are the parents' responsibilities at pick-up times?
    • Have your child fully clothed and ready at the pick-up location at least 5 minutes before pick-up time. Drivers and Monitors are not responsible nor allowed to dress, groom, or feed your child. 
    • Students still in the process of being toilet trained should be toileted just before boarding the bus. The ride to school may take up to one hour and drivers are not permitted to stop.
    • Do not allow your child to board the bus with any food either in their hands or in their mouth. 
    • Accompany or have a responsible mature person accompany your child to the bus in the morning. 
    • If your child has not ridden for more than 3 days, without notification, the bus will stop coming until you call the Transportation Office to restart your child's transportation service. 
    • Call in the morning (well before your child's pick-up time) if you do not need transportation.


    Contact: (847) 295-8258