Student Online Personal Protection Act

  • A consistent goal within District 103 is to provide a safe environment for all stakeholders. On July 1, 2021, the Student Online Personal Protection Act, or SOPPA, went into effect in the State of Illinois. The main purpose of the SOPPA law is to make sure that student data is not misused. This law requires that education institutions, such as District 103, have student data privacy agreements signed and in place with every company we contract with that has access to student data.

    For example, PowerSchool has quite a bit of student data in it, including names, addresses, grades, etc. Because of this, District 103 is required, under SOPPA, to obtain a signed contract that states PowerSchool will protect student data, not misuse/sell it, and inform us of any data breaches in a timely fashion. Though most companies do have privacy terms that address the protection of student data, the new law requires certain universal language be used to address student data privacy.


    • Parents play an incredibly important role when it comes to the online safety of their children. ConnectSafely, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about safety, privacy, security and digital wellness, developed a series of parent guides to help parents navigate the digital world with their children.
    • Annual Notice to Parents about Educational Technology
    • Parents have the right to request to review and correct any information maintained by the District or any online/application provider by contacting the D103 Privacy Officer, Craig Chatham.

Data Breaches:

    • District 103 will post details to this webpage regarding data breaches involving 10% or more of the District's students, including the number of students whose covered information was involved in the breach, the date of breach (or estimate), and the operator’s name.

SOPPA Resources

  • To learn more about SOPPA, and other data privacy laws, please see the following information: