Science Fair

Purpose of the Activity

  • To allow students to independently investigate a problem that can be solved scientifically. Students will perform all steps that a "real" scientist would follow in order to learn more about their chosen problem, perform an experiment or design a new tool to solve the problem, and analyze their results. 

Tryout Procedures

  • Students will fill out an application and turn it in to their science teachers.  Sponsors will meet with students to discuss chosen investigations and whether they are feasible within the school setting and time frame prior to the IJAS Regional Fair in March. Make sure you have a permission to participate form on file with the club sponsor or coach otherwise you will not be able to particpate. 

Number of Participants

  • The fair is open to all seventh- and eighth-grade students.

Grade Level/s of Participants

  • Open to seventh- and eighth-graders.

Meeting Schedule and Location

    • Season: October through May
    • An introductory mandatory meeting will be held Tuesday, October 24  
    • Most work will be completed independently under the supervision of the Science Fair sponsors

Competition Schedule

  • Students compete in the IJAS Regional Fair in March

Student Attendance Guidelines

  • Students are expected to meet with their sponsors twice per month. If the student is unable to attend a meeting, sponsors should be notified and an alternate meeting date should be scheduled within the same week.

Specific Rules or Guidelines

  • Guidelines and due dates will be provided at the introductory meeting in October. Students are expected to meet required deadlines in completing each part of their science fair projects. Those who do not meet deadlines will be unable to participate in the IJAS Regional Fair.

Fundraising Plan if Applicable (Board policy 7:325)


Student Fees

  • To participate in the program, families must pay a participation fee using the RevTrak Web Store.