Purpose of the Activity

  • Our DW Choirs program offers the following opportunities:

    We remain very active performing and learning a lot of exciting and diverse music. Chorus allows students to be part of a team atmosphere that supports musical, social, and academic success. We are more than just music—we are family, friends, character, service, commitment, and much more!

    Chorus is the foundation for vocal music study at Daniel Wright. Students participating in chorus are eligible to audition for Show Choir and to participate in Solo & Ensemble Contest and the Stevenson Choral Consortium Festival. Students wishing to audition for the musical are strongly encouraged, but not required, to participate in chorus.



  • All Daniel Wright students are invited to join chorus. No audition is necessary! All that is required is a love for music, interest in singing (or in learning how to sing), willingness to practice independently and with others, team-oriented mindset, curiosity to learn new skills and repertoire, positive attitude, and commitment to attend rehearsals and performances.

    Enrollment changes require director approval and are typically processed at the trimester, which approximately aligns with our performance schedule.

    All students must return the Permission to Participate Form by September 5. This is completed digitally via your student's Google Classroom.

Number of Participants

  • We aim to sustain a roster of 75–90 members with potential to grow even further!

Grade Level/s of Participants

  • Choir is open to sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders. Students in chorus are also eligible to audition for Show Choir.

    Hear from our students why they love chorus at DW! Recruitment Video

Meeting Schedule and Location

  • Chorus students meet Tuesdays 3:45–5 p.m. and two Flex periods weekly. Attendance is expected at all class meetings. Chorus is a class, and students receive grades/indicators for their mastery of music performance and LBC standards.

    Full Ensemble Rehearsals

    • Tuesdays, 3:45–5 p.m. in Room 125 (at the end of the CAPE hallway)

    Grade Level Classes

    • Fridays during Flex in Room 124
      • 6th Grade: 3:05–3:35 p.m.
      • 7th Grade: 12:23–1:01 p.m.
      • 8th Grade: 11:37–12:15 p.m.

    Small Group Lessons

    • Chorus students attend one small group lesson per week during Flex.
    • Small group lesson days will be scheduled by the instructor and communicated to students and families by the third week of school.
    • Students are always expected to attend on their assigned day unless they are absent from school.

    Schedule Variations / Concert Weeks

    • When unusual schedules occur (for example, non-attendance days, state testing) your chorus schedule may be adjusted to ensure everyone receives the instructional time they deserve.
    • Leading up to performances, to support our preparation, attendance may be required at a few additional Flex periods.
    • Any schedule adjustments will be communicated well in advance.

Student Attendance Guidelines

  • Commitment to good attendance is crucial for the ensemble to succeed. We are a team and rely on each member to sound our best! If you must be absent from Tuesday after-school rehearsal for any reason, you must notify me via the Conflict Request Form, which students may access via Google Classroom. I understand that conflicts occur and am committed to working with students, parents, and coaches/club sponsors to support students' involvement in multiple activities.

    Bus transportation home is available if desired. Please subscribe to the calendar on our website so you always have the most current schedule. Some weeks may have after-school rehearsals on a day other than Tuesdays if there is no school on Tuesday, and some rehearsals may have extended times—in either case, plenty of advance notice will be given.

Specific Rules or Guidelines

  • Once you register for the program, Mr. Clark will share the chorus class page with you.

Fundraising Plan if Applicable (Board policy 7:325)

Student Fees

  • To participate in the program, families must pay a participation fee that will be assessed to student accounts in September or October.

    Students are also expected to purchase our performance uniform (polo shirt, around $13).

    The following extensions of the DW Choirs program have associated costs. These are optional, separate activities.

    • Show Choir
    • Musical
    • Solo and Ensemble
    • Elective Field Trips