Science Olympiad

Purpose of the Activity

  • The purpose of Science Olympiad is to improve the quality of science education, increase student interest in science, and create a technologically literate workforce while providing recognition for outstanding achievement by students. These goals will be achieved by participating in Science Olympiad tournaments.

Tryout Procedures

  • First Month of School: Students should use their D103 Google account to fill out the Science Olympiad Interest FormNote that this form will be accepting responses August 24-31, 2023.  (The deadline to submit the form is August 31, 2023--after that date the form will close for the year). Students who submit the Google interest form, as well as their parents, will be emailed a link to a Zoom introductory meeting on September 1, 2023.  

    Team Try-Outs: Tryouts will consist of an in-person written exam and a take-home test. The take-home test can be picked up from classroom #151. Students can choose to take the in-person test on either September 5 or September 6, from 3:30 pm until 4:45 pm. The PASS busses will be available for students to be transported home after the test (busses leave at 5:00 pm).  Students must submit the take-home test to Coach Solesky or the teacher assisting her in proctoring the test on the day they take the written test (be sure to legibly write your full name and your grade in school on everything).

    Mandatory Team Meeting of Selected Students and Parents: Students will be notified if they made the team or not via email. Students who are selected for the team will be expected to attend a mandatory meeting on September 18, at Daniel Wright to discuss events, expectations, and how competitions will be held this season. Parents are expected to attend the meeting with their students. We expect there will be a lot of questions, and we encourage students and/or parents to ask them!  Students who make the team will be required to pay a $100 activity fee by October 15, (via the RevTrack portal).

    • 2023-24 Science Olympiad Team Parents - if you were an event coach in previous seasons, we encourage you to do so again this year! Last year we had some new parent event coaches and they learned a great deal from our previous coaches. We would like to continue the tradition of excellence by having strong parental involvement. If you have not considered being a parent event coach, you will be given plenty of opportunities to ask questions about it at this meeting.
    • The Great Lakes Coaches Clinic will be held again this year on November 10-11 at Daniel Wright!  We encourage all volunteer parent event coaches to attend this helpful and informative opportunity.  The Clinic will again be in a hybrid format this year!  Friday evening sessions will take place in a full virtual setting.  On Saturday, it will be offered in-person as well as a remote option at the same time.  This allows those who are unable to attend to log in and be part of the in-person presentation (see the screen, ask questions, and be virtually part of the room).   Saturday’s in-person clinic will be held at Daniel Wright this year.  
      • Please register for the coach's clinic.   The clinic fills up quickly so please register as soon as possible (registration closes at midnight on November 3).  The district will reimburse you for the cost of the registration fee.

Number of Participants

  • Typically, thirty students are split between two teams for all regular season competitions.  Thirty-two students are allowed for regular-season competition and can/may be selected at the discretion of coaches based on tryout results (but only thirty can compete at virtual tournaments).  Fifteen students will advance to State and National competitions.

Grade Level/s of Participants

  • Science Olympiad is open to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.

Meeting Schedule and Location

    • Season: Year-round

Competition Schedule

  • The 2023-24 season's tournament schedule is not confirmed as of August 2023.  A tentative schedule is pending and will be updated as dates are confirmed.

Student Attendance Guidelines

  • Regular attendance at weekly event practices is expected. Students who commit to events must notify their event coach(es) if they cannot attend practice in advance. If participation in multiple events creates a conflict that prevents students from regular attendance at all events, the student may be asked to consider modifying their event participation so all practices can be attended regularly. Once event teams have been formed, the expectation is that students will attend weekly practices and be prepared to compete in at least four event teams for the duration of the season.

    Students will not be permitted to request paring down their events to less than four events or to opt out of competition.  Being on this team requires a big commitment, as there are weekly practices for multiple events and monthly competitions.  The expectation is that students will be in attendance at weekly practices as well as all tournaments.  If students are involved in other activities, the expectation is that arrangements will be made so that they are available for Science Olympiad practices and tournaments.

    On dates when the team leaves campus early for competitions, students must attend school for at least half of the school day. Parents/guardians will be required to contact the attendance office, and the student must be signed out prior to leaving for the competitions.

Specific Rules or Guidelines

  • The Daniel Wright Science Olympiad Team has a long-standing reputation for excellence. When students make the commitment to become a member of this team it is understood that they represent Daniel Wright Junior High School and District 103 not only during competition but during the duration of the season. Students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Students who exhibit questionable behavior, or who fall out of academic eligibility status may be subject to consequences at the discretion of school administration and/or the team coaches, which can include being removed from the team.

Fundraising Plan if Applicable (Board policy 7:325)


Student Fees

  • To participate in the program, families of students who make the team must pay a participation fee of $100 by 10/15/23 using the RevTrak Web Store.