About the Homework Assistance Program

  • P.A.S.S. Rules, Procedures & Expectations

    P.A.S.S. is a drop in program that Provides Academic Success for every Student. The program is an after school academic program at Daniel Wright. The P.A.S.S. program is an excellent opportunity for students to take advantage of the resources available at Daniel Wright after the regular school day. It is available from 3:40 to 4:55 p.m. Monday through Thursday. There is no fee for the P.A.S.S. after school program and bus transportation is provided for students who need transportation home.


    • Students should have all necessary materials with them
    • If working with a teacher, students must sign in at P.A.S.S. first before meeting their teacher
    • All students must sign the P.A.S.S. bus sheet, regardless if they are taking the bus or not

    Length of Time

    • Students meet in front of the library to go either to the lab or a classroom at 3:45 pm.
    • Students are expected to stay the entire time until 4:55 pm. Students are only allowed to leave early if it is prearranged and the P.A.S.S. supervisor is notified by the student at the beginning of P.A.S.S.  Parents must enter the building to sign out the student in the front office.
    • Once all work is finished, students will stay at P.A.S.S. and read a book for the remaining time.



    • Students are to be quiet and respectful of others the entire time
    • Students need to sign out if they are leaving the classroom
    • No student is not allowed to go back to their classrooms until the P.A.S.S. supervisor calls the teacher’s room to verify an adult will be present in the room


    • Appropriate Use: use of technology is allowed only for school work
    • Music:  personal headphones must be used to listen to music on a personal mobile device, however, this is a privilege that can be taken away if abused.  Supervisors are not responsible for the content of personal music.  Music must be an audio file and not a youtube video
    • Games:  are not allowed during P.A.S.S. If students finish early they should read
    • Texting:  students may not text continuously, any texting should only be to parents
    • Food:  not allowed in computer labs, snacks must be eaten in hallway during a 5-minute break
    • Seating: sit every other computer in the lab, if there is a large number of students sit boy, girl


    • P.A.S.S. bus runs Monday through Thursday only
    • Students taking P.A.S.S. bus go straight to eighth-grade hallway after dismissal
    • Students taking P.A.S.S. bus are to sit against lockers according to bus letters, signs are posted

    Students are NOT allowed to go visit sporting events/activities while waiting for the P.A.S.S bus.  If they came to P.A.S.S. they must stay at P.A.S.S.  If they wanted to go to the game, they were supposed to go to sports supervision.  (Testing center students may be added to our groups after they are done with their test)