Volunteering Agreement

  • We encourage guardians to volunteer their time and talents to enrich both student learning and the school community in general. Volunteer opportunities include chaperones and other programs/events coordinated by District 103 supporting organizations in collaboration with District Administration and school principals.

    No person who is a “child sex offender,” as defined by the Child Sex Offender and Murderer Community Notification Law, or has otherwise been convicted of a felony, shall volunteer. (LEGAL REF: 105 ILCS 5/10-22.34, 5/10-22.34a, and 5/10-22.34b, 730 ILCS 152/101 et. seq.)

    All volunteers must abide by the Volunteer Agreement described in the following section. Additionally, those who volunteer do so with the understanding that they volunteer at their own risk since the District does not provide insurance coverage to non-District personnel serving as volunteers for the school district.

    Volunteer Agreement

    Volunteers serve in an auxiliary capacity under the direction and supervision of School District 103 staff. Volunteer selection and placement is based upon the volunteer’s qualifications and availability, as well as the school’s needs. The superintendent’s staff establishes procedures for securing and screening volunteers.

    Within the classroom environment, personal and private interactions take place between students, teachers and visitors. It is of the utmost importance that observations and experiences stay within the confines of the classroom. If questions or concerns arise, volunteers are directed to speak with the classroom teacher or building principal. Keeping interactions within the confines of the classroom will enhance each child’s positive learning experience.

    A request to volunteer or to continue volunteering will be denied if the volunteer behaves in any manner that demonstrates that they are not a good role model or are otherwise detrimental to the school environment. Examples of such behavior include: use of inappropriate language, failing to be dependable, failing to follow the direction of the teacher, approaching and/or touching a student in an inappropriate manner, or violating any school rule.

    By indicating you have received the Student Handbook, you agree to abide by these standards. By volunteering and enabling our programs to exist, you are enhancing the value of each child’s education.