Communications & Publications

  • The most up to date source for events and happenings in District 103 is our website. Be sure to visit and bookmark our sites on your Internet browser. They serve as our “go to” sources.

  • On the district and school home pages, our online calendars and news lists provide timely information about student accomplishments, activities, programs, and events. The web pages serve as our “go-to” sources because we update them frequently with news entries and post-program/event flyers daily.

    We also notify families by email throughout the school year with a variety of important eNotices (single subject announcements). Additionally, we consistently publish eNewsletters for the district and the schools, and we distribute them by email. At any time, families and community members may remove their email addresses for receiving our communications by opting out of the email or text notification system. 

    School news and pictorial features, highlights of Board of Education meetings, and other special activities are posted frequently to our web pages and social media sites. Like our social media pages.

  • From time to time, your child’s first and last name may appear with his/her picture in our publications, such as eNewsletters, eNotices, web pages, and/or videos. We take precautions not to post our students’ individually identifying information with photos to the Internet (i.e., our practice is to not post to social media a student’s first name with last name and photo). However, the district does not control the use of our students’ names or images where they are obtained in public venues, such as Board of Education meetings, the yearbook, extracurricular activities, outside programs, or other areas frequented by the general public. Please note, District 103 issues press releases and media alerts to external contacts, who may request to interview, photograph or video students under the supervision of district personnel. Information we release is not sold or provided to commercial or outside organizations.

    Families who want their child’s name or photo removed from District 103 electronic communications and web pages should complete and submit the Media Participation Opt-Out Form posted on our website.

    For more about communications in the District or to subscribe to receive our notices, please contact the Communications Coordinator, Margaret Van Duch, at (847) 457-9309 or