Sports Physicals

  • All students enrolled at Daniel Wright Junior High School who participate in any of the interscholastic athletic programs must have on file a recent physical examination indicating the absence of health conditions, which might prohibit very active physical activity.

    A current physical examination must be on file in the nurse’s office prior to students trying out for any athletic activity at Daniel Wright Junior High School. The sports physical examination is valid for 395 days from the date of the examination. The IESA sports physical form is available on the Daniel Wright website. The Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination is also an accepted form for sports participation. Required medical forms can be found on the district website.

    Any student participating in a sports-related or physical after school activity must complete a required physical form per Board Policy 7:300.

After School Activities

  • Extracurricular activities are available in both academic and enrichment areas. These classes meet once a week for six to eight weeks. Sessions may be offered throughout the course of the year. Class offerings typically include programs such as coding, world language, and arts and crafts.

    If a child attends After School Activities, guardians are responsible for the student’s transportation at the conclusion of the activity. The District regularly publishes information, which outlines course offerings, registration procedures, and fees for After School Activities.