Discipline of Students with Disabilities

  • The school will comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Illinois State Board of Education’s Special Education rules when disciplining students with disabilities. Behavioral interventions will be used with students with disabilities to promote and strengthen desirable behaviors and reduce identified inappropriate behaviors. No special education student shall be expelled if the student’s particular act of gross disobedience or misconduct is a manifestation of their disability as determined through a manifestation hearing. Any special education student whose gross disobedience or misconduct is not a manifestation of his or her disability may be expelled pursuant to the expulsion procedures.

    Isolated Time Out, Time Out, and Physical Restraint

    Isolated time out, time out, and physical restraint shall only be used if the student’s behavior presents an imminent danger of serious physical harm to the student or others, and other less restrictive and intrusive measures were tried and proven ineffective in stopping it. The School may not use isolated time out, time out, or physical restraint as discipline or punishment, convenience for staff, retaliation, as a substitute for appropriate educational or behavioral support, as a routine safety matter, or to prevent property damage in the absence of imminent danger of serious physical harm to the student or others. The use of prone restraint is prohibited.