Off-Campus Student Medical Emergency Procedures

  • When an off-campus field trip is scheduled, District 103 will designate a point person and back up point person to be in charge of the trip. A Field Trip Request Form will be completed to ensure that critical information regarding cell phone numbers and the destination phone numbers are accurate. A first aid kit will be taken on all trips. Maintaining student safety is our first priority.

    In the case of a student medical emergency:

    • The District 103 staff member in closest proximity to the incident will provide immediate care, call 911 immediately if the student is in imminent danger or further medical diagnosis/attention is necessary. Paramedics will assess whether medical transportation is necessary and have an ambulance transport if needed.
    • A District 103 staff member will contact the school principal and nurse and review medical concerns/history. The building nurse will give further medical direction. In the event that the building nurse is not available, contact will be made with a nurse from another District 103 school.
    • A District 103 staff member will accompany the student throughout the incident including ambulance transportation.
    • A District 103 staff member will maintain a timeline of events and complete an Incident Report within 24 hours.
    • A District 103 staff member will maintain communication with the school principal throughout the emergency.

    Please note that additional procedures apply during Overnight Field Trips:

    • District 103 nurse attends field trip.
    • Guardians are provided with an emergency contact number of a designated District 103 employee.

    More specific procedures can be found in our Crisis Response Handbook, which is available upon request.