Student Discipline

  • Each school has discipline procedures that are developmentally age appropriate. All procedures for student discipline and bullying are aligned with District 103 Board Policies including 7:180, 7:190, 7:20, 7:230. These policies provide detailed information and can be found in their entirety on the district website.

    In order to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning, it is necessary to establish standards of behavior designed to maintain a desirable level of order. These standards must encompass the needs, rights, and responsibilities of students, teachers and guardians. Disciplinary procedures are part of the total educational process, and are designed to guide the student in becoming a responsible individual in society.

    Respect must be the basis of discipline in maintaining order. Respect to and from teachers, fellow pupils, and all school personnel will be shown at all times. This is a primary ingredient in creating an atmosphere for an equal opportunity to learn.

    All persons involved in or with the school will have protection for the rights to which they are entitled as citizens under the law.

    • Every student has a right to learn.
    • Every teacher has a right to teach.
    • No one has a right to interfere with the rights of others.