Educational Field Trips

  • While the classroom is viewed as the primary site for learning activities, students at all grade levels may participate in a variety of field trips during the course of the year. Fourth and sixth graders typically experience outdoor educational programs. All these learning opportunities are considered an important part of the educational program and are integrated with classroom learning.

    Field trips are a privilege for students. Students must abide by all school policies during transportation and during field trip activities, and shall treat all field trip locations as though they are school grounds. Failure to abide by school rules and/or location rules during a field trip may subject the student to discipline.

    All students who wish to attend a field trip must have permission from a guardian. Students may be prohibited from attending field trips for any of the following reasons:

    • Failure to receive appropriate permission from a guardian or teacher.
    • Failure to complete appropriate coursework.
    • Behavioral or safety concerns.