Chaperone Guidelines

  • School chaperones serve as volunteers and requirements/expectations are listed under the heading “Volunteers” of this handbook. Chaperones are expected to support teachers during activities and provide supervision at all times. Students must be under adult supervision at all times. It is expected that chaperones reinforce rules and expectations in compliance with school policy to help ensure safety and cooperation. Criteria to be considered in determining the number of chaperones follow: age and needs of the students, distance to be traveled, nature of the field trip activities, safety requirements.

    Guidelines for chaperones follow:

    • Sign in must be completed at the school office before participating in an activity or entering the school.
    • All chaperones must be included on a pre-approved list prior to the event.
    • Chaperones must follow directions given by the teacher(s).
    • Smoking is not permitted while supervising students.
    • Cell phone use is restricted to a school emergency only.
    • Only the school district’s students are allowed to participate; participation of siblings is not approved.
    • No student is to be left alone without a chaperone.
    • Chaperones help maintain school standards of behavior.
    • Chaperones work cooperatively with other school personnel to meet an individual student’s special needs.
    • Chaperones assist the teacher(s) in implementing all policies and rules governing student conduct.
    • Chaperones will refer all disciplinary issues and incidents to the teacher or administrator present.
    • Chaperones are expected to take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students.