Celebrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • In District 103 there are 45 different languages spoken in the homes of our students who live in Lincolnshire, Prairie View, as well as portions of Buffalo Grove, Vernon Hills, Mettawa, Lake Forest, and Riverwoods. 

    The top most frequently spoken languages include Mandarin, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Marathi, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, and Telugu.

    The Superintendent’s Advisory Council for Equitable Education (SACEE) was formed in February 2017 to create opportunities for students, families, and staff to build understanding and appreciation between cultures and strengthen partnerships within the school community. SACEE’s vision is to help guide the district in fostering a more inclusive D103 community beyond cultural topics to all demographics of our district.

Student Stories

  • Nurturing Diversity, Championing Equity, and Cultivating Inclusion: Uniting Students' Unique Journeys in Our School District. We want to hear your story.

    1. Fill out the Google Stories Form.

    2. Share your story.  

    3. Margaret Van Duch, mvanduch@d103.org, will set up a video meeting with you and your family where you can share your story.