Secure and Safe Learning Environments

  • Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103 is fully committed to creating a secure learning environment for our students and staff. To achieve this goal, the district has implemented a comprehensive range of security measures and procedures, and we are continuously reviewing and enhancing our safety protocols.

    Our efforts to ensure school safety include:

    • Controlled Access: We have established secure entrances at all our schools, allowing visitors entry only through main doors. A vestibule and a video/audio intercom ensures controlled access at these entrances.

    • Visitor Policy: We enforce a strict visitor policy that includes mandatory government-issued ID checks for all visitors.

    • Surveillance: Comprehensive camera systems have been installed both inside and outside all of our schools.

    • Emergency Communication: Phones are available in all classrooms and strategic locations throughout the schools, allowing us to quickly alert the police in case of emergencies.

    • Locking Mechanisms: Door locks that can be secured from inside the room are present on all doors within the schools.

    • Effective Lighting: Adequate lighting has been ensured at all entrances throughout our school premises.

    • Communication Tools: Two-way radios, text/SMS notifications for staff and parents, and schoolwide intercoms facilitate effective communication in both daily and emergency situations.

    • Staff Crisis Training: Our staff has received training on how to respond to emergency situations, ensuring their preparedness in such critical scenarios.

    • Collaboration: We maintain strong partnerships with local police and fire departments, allowing us to coordinate effectively for emergency preparedness and threat response.

    • Police Liaison Officers: Police liaison officers actively engage with our students, fostering positive relationships and providing valuable advice on security measures.

    • Emergency Drills: Age-appropriate emergency drills are conducted regularly to ensure that our students and staff are well-prepared for any unforeseen events.

    • Mental Health Support: We have social workers/counselors and psychologists in each school to provide mental health services. We conduct health assessments at the junior high to identify students at risk for mental health issues and provide necessary support.

    • Email and Internet Security: Screening software is employed to detect potential threats in student emails and internet searches.

    • Social Emotional Learning: We have implemented a robust Social Emotional Learning program to nurture caring relationships between students and staff, which is critical for students feeling a sense of belonging at school.

    Additional security measures under consideration are the use of protective film on glass in vulnerable areas, which would impede access to the schools even if the glass were shattered and software for our cameras that can detect firearms.

    We want to emphasize that school safety remains a top priority for both our district and the police department. When the recent bomb threat occurred, the swift response from the police department, with the first officer arriving at Daniel Wright Junior High School in just over one minute, exemplified the commitment to safeguarding our students and staff.

    The district continuously reviews our safety procedures and the security of our facilities. We invite you to listen to a discussion on school safety at our upcoming Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, September 12, at 7:00 p.m. on the district’s Youtube channel.