• D103 supports a full continuum of special education services to meet the needs of students through distinct components of service.

Direct Instruction Classes

  • Special Education Direct Instruction classes are designed to meet the needs of students who may require the extensive individualized assistance in English Language Arts and or Mathematics that cannot be supported in the mainstream environment. Instructional classes are generally offered in the core content areas.

    • English Language Arts
    • Mathematics


Guided Programs

  • The Guided Programs are a program for students with disabilities who require a milieu that provides an individualized functional academic curriculum, intensive related services, and explicit instruction in order to develop self-care, independence and functional life skills. A team approach to problem-solving and the provision of services provides instruction that includes but is not limited to:

    • Functional academic skills
    • Self-care skills
    • Communication skills
    • Social skills
    • Self-management skills
    • Independence skills
    • Pre vocational skills (e.g., time management, task completion)
    • Decision-making skills
    • Recreation/Leisure skills
    • Community-Based Instruction (CBI)

    Students within the Guided Program are provided with multiple opportunities for integration on-site at District 103 and within the community at large.

Hearing & Vision

  • Areas addressed through Hearing and Vision services include but are not limited to:

    • Efficient use of technology to increase access
    • Increased independence
    • Increased self-advocacy
    • Curricular and environmental modifications and adaptations

Home/Hospital Services

  • Home/Hospital services are provided to a student when a licensed medical physician determines that the student, will or is anticipated, due to a medical condition, to be out of school for a minimum of two consecutive weeks of school (10 days) or more, or on an ongoing intermittent basis.

Intensive Instructional Programs

  • The Intensive Instructional Program (IIP) is a program for students with disabilities who require a milieu that offers students the option of a home-base throughout the school day with integrated support in the areas of social communication, emotional regulation and transactional supports. Intensified case management and a team approach to problem solving and service delivery provide instruction related to:

    • Academics (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Science)
    • Self-management skills
    • Social skills
    • Language skills
    • Sensory regulation skills

    Participation in the general education setting is a priority and dependent upon individual strengths and needs.

Programming Services Diagram

Related Services

  • Special education related service professionals provide supportive services required to assist students in addressing exceptionalities as secondary supports. They include all supportive services required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education. Related services include transportation and such developmental, corrective, and other supportive services as are required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education. Related services in District 103 currently include but are not limited to:

      • Adapted Physical Education (APE)
      • Audiology
      • Aide (1:1 and Classroom)
      • Assistive Technology
      • Consultative Services (Private Placement)
      • Occupational Therapy
      • Physical Therapy
      • Psychological Services
      • Speech and Language Therapy
      • Social Work/Counseling
      • School Health Services
      • Transportation
      • Behavior Intervention Plans

Resource Programs

  • The District 103 Resource Programs are designed to support students within the general education curriculum including, but not limited to:

    • Developing active and independent learners;
    • Supporting the general education curriculum across the content areas, and
    • Improving specific skills (i.e., reading fluency, decoding, encoding, comprehension, math computation/application, written expression and executive functioning.)

Speech/Language Program

  • Areas addressed through speech language therapy include but are not limited to:

    • Expressive language skills
    • Receptive language skills
    • Social Pragmatics
    • Articulation
    • Chronic or acute voice quality, pitch or volume issues
    • Auditory processing challenges
    • Fluency or stuttering
    • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
    • Swallowing (dysphagia)

Therapeutic Day Schools/Residential Placement

  • For students requiring intensified support systems and supervision with extensive related service programming that needs to be provided on a more immediate and centralized basis, District 103 offers alternate off–site placements within a variety of therapeutic day schools within the D103 Catchment area.