Managing Student Lunch Accounts

Payment System

  • The payment system for D103 schools is as follows:

    • The checkout system and point-of-sale (POS) system allows students to deposit money on their student IDs and draw down on those pre-deposited funds when they pay for food and beverages. This POS system will only accept ID cards and cash as forms of payment. We have partnered with MySchoolBucks to provide this system. Using MySchoolBucks’s online portal, parents will be able to fund their child’s meal account, set up auto replenish of funds on lunch account and view purchases. Please note that there is a convenience fee when making online payments.  

Negative Lunch Balances

  • We want to remind all families of the negative balance procedure. The goal is to ensure that students can continue to receive lunch each day through the many options that Quest provides, but not at the expense of our lunch provider.

    The negative balance threshold of -$25.00 for student lunch accounts allows students a week's worth of lunches while their families rectify any low or negative balances they have with Quest. We encourage families to sign up for "low balance reminders"  or "Auto replenish" on, so that there are no interruptions in the lunch available to your student.

    We pride ourselves in the positive longstanding relationship we have with Quest and their willingness to work with our community by not denying lunch even when a student's account balance is negative.