Board Goals

  • The following Board of Education Goals for 2018-2019 were approved by the Lincolnshire–Prairie View School District 103 Board of Education on October 30, 2018.

    1. Curriculum and Instruction
      • Act as liaison with administration as they review ECRA achievement data and look for trends that may exist in students not meeting their targets as well as opportunities to address
    2. Culture and Climate
      • Explore options to obtain feedback on our schools and district from our parent community
      • Board members will attend two diversity/cultural events within the school/community and look for opportunities to participate in broader education on this topic
    3. Fiscal Sustainability and Facilities
      • Board will work with administration on developing a facility improvement plan for Daniel Wright
    4. Board Development
      • Review existing materials for onboarding new board members and revise as needed to prepare for orientating future new board members

School Board Member Training

  • The following School Board members have completed Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) for School Board Members:

    • Malathy Dwaraknath
    • Marissa Grossenbach
    • Kate Harper
    • Rana Hashemi-Haeri
    • Michael Odongo
    • Anne van Gerven
    • Liang Yang