Learning During COVID-19

children in masks
  • Regarding positive COVID cases in the school:

    We work closely with the Lake County Health Department who will be notified about any and every confirmed and probable case in the school. If your student is determined to be a “close contact” (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) of a presumed or confirmed case of COVID-19, you will be contacted directly by the Lake County Health Department with specific instructions for your student.

    We ask for your cooperation with the Lake County Health Department and with contact tracing. Contact tracing can help prevent further transmission of the virus by quickly identifying and informing people who may be infected and contagious, so they can take steps to not infect others.

    If you do not receive communication from school administration or the Lake County Health Department directly, your student has not been identified as a close contact and can continue to attend school.

    We understand your concern about the identity of an infected staff member/student. However, federal privacy laws prevent administration or the school district from sharing the name of the staff member/student or providing any information that would otherwise lead to the identification of this staff member/student.

    At this juncture, we should not be surprised when presumed positive or confirmed cases are identified within our school or community. We assume this will continue to happen, and this is a major reason why maintaining social distance, masking, and hand washing are all still very important.

    Please visit our YouTube channel to watch the Board of Education discuss the Fall Opening Plans for D103 and their responses to parent comments. Board presentations are available on our D103 Boardbook.

    Our entire District 103 community needs to work together to create the best learning environment we can for our children. It will take all of our efforts to have a successful year. COVID-19 is here and all of us have a part to play to ensure we keep ourselves, our families and each other’s families healthy. Please, follow the three most important actions to help stop the spread of COVID-19:

    1. Wear a mask
    2. Keep a 6-foot or greater distance between you and others
    3. Wash your hands frequently 

    These efforts have shown to drastically reduce the spread of COVID-19. Individuals who have followed these efforts have been able to mitigate COVID-19 effects in their communities.

    Thank you for your partnership as we continue to move forward with teaching and learning this fall. I leave you with a quote from Philo of Alexandria:

    “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”.

    With great respect,
    Scott Warren, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of D103 Schools