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Staff Recognitions, 5/08/18
Posted 05/08/2018 12:33PM

We are pleased to recognize our staff members as they reach significant milestones in service to School District 103. Please join us in congratulating these staff members! They will be formally recognized by the Board of Education at the Committee of the Whole tonight, Tuesday, May 8th, at Daniel Wright Junior High School, 7:00 p.m. Pictures will be published upon receiving the awards. Congratulations!

"We take this opportunity to thank our staff members for their longstanding commitment to education as a priority for each and every District 103 student. We celebrate together, as we continue the important work of preparing tomorrow's leaders," says Scott Warren, Ed.D., Superintendent.

10 Years
Christine Abrego, LS
Christopher Bernard, DW
Nancy Borkman, DW
Katrina Catullo, LS
Rachel Chiesa, LS
Michael Delabre, Trans
Julie Gaunky, DW
David Gilmore, Trans
Amy Grayes, HD
Anthony Hafner, DW
Gayle Harris, HD
Heather Korah, LS
John L'Heureux, LS
Susan Larson, DW
Debra Maske, Trans
Christina Muller, LS
Pamela Orals, LS
Jami Reed, HD
Rebekka Ristow, HD
Kenneth Seger, DW
Nicole Smolinski, LS
Katherine Snowden, DW
John Solis, LS
Kimberly Sylvan, Admin
Jodi Weiss, Trans
Shirley Williamson, HD

15 Years
Richard Booker, LS
Deborah Buchweitz, DW
Katherine Fender, DW
Cindy Nykiel, Trans
Rebecca Rendl, HD
Elizabeth Richter, LS
Simon Vasey, LS

20 Years
Rebecca Clay, LS
Cassandra Horvath, LS
Mickie Naughton, DW
Dawn Ripoli, LS
Lance Rockstroh, HD
Tracy Twardowski, HD
Joanne Widmark, LS

25 Years
Robynn Bryant, LS
Tracy Pardini, HD

30 Years
Michael Mol, DW

Congratulations to Mrs. Sylvan, who is retiring at the end of 2017-2018! She will be recognized for her years of service at the Board of Education COW tonight.

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