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Fine Arts – Art and Music

The Illinois Learning Standards for Fine Arts were developed using the National Standards for Arts Education. District 103 adheres to the Illinois Learning Standards. Our most important goals throughout the Fine Arts program are to encourage students to reach their potential, gain confidence in their ability, think creatively, develop appreciation for various styles, and develop a positive feeling toward art and music and its integration into daily living.


The Grade Five art curriculum is provided through a special program developed by the Lincolnshire D103 Parent Teacher Organization. This program reflects several of the goals found in the District 103 Art Curriculum.

To view the comprehensive Scope and Sequence of the District Art Curriculum, please visit this link:  District Art Curriculum


The Grade Five music curriculum focuses on the following:

  • demonstrate instrumental improvisation
  • recognize score marks
  • recognize key signatures
  • identify and perform chords on piano
  • identify and create canon
  • identify unity and contrast
  • recognize dotted notes
  • recognize sixteenth notes
  • label rhythms as 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 meter
  • identify a variety of dynamics, tempo and articulation
  • identify the ways a composer creates mood
  • identify and follow a conductor's score

The comprehensive Scope and Sequence of the District Music Curriculum is currently under review. It will be posted when finalized.

Additional ENCORE classes:

To supplement the classes included in the “Additional Curriculum Areas”, Daniel Wright also offers several ENCORE classes for Grade Five. Curricular descriptions of these classes will be added as soon as the curriculum is aligned to the National Standards.

  • Performing Arts
  • Tech Graphics
  • Service Learning

 An Optional Fine Arts Program is available to students in Grade Five. This includes:

  • Chorus
  • Orchestra
  • Band

  • Our Mission:
  • To provide innovative learning experiences which empower each student to excel and make a difference in a diverse and interconnected world.
  • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM MON-FRI
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