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In Grade Six, your child will learn the concept of rates and ratios and use these tools to solve word problems. Students will work on quickly and accurately dividing multi-digit whole numbers and adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing multi-digit decimals. Students will extend their previous work with fractions and decimals to understand the concept of rational numbers; any number that can be made by dividing one integer by another, such as ½, 0.75, or 2. Students will also learn how to write and solve equations and mathematical statements using symbols, such as 20+x = 35. They apply these skills in solving multi-step word problems.

Activities in these areas will include:

  • Understanding and applying the concepts of ratios and unit rates, and using the correct language to describe them (for example, the ratio of wings to beaks in a flock of birds is 2 to 1, because for every 2 wings there is 1 beak)
  • Building on knowledge of multiplication and division to divide fractions by fractions
  • Understanding that positive and negative numbers are located on opposite sides of 0 on a number line
  • Using pairs of numbers, including negative numbers, as coordinates for locating or placing a point on a graph
  • Writing and determining the value of expressions with whole-number exponents (such as 15+32)
  • Identifying and writing equivalent mathematical expressions by applying the properties of operations. For example, recognizing that 2 (3+x) is the same as 6+2x
  • Understanding that solving an equation such as 2+x = 12 means answering the question, “What number does x have to be to make this statement true?”
  • Representing and analyzing the relationships between independent and  dependent variables
  • Solving problems involving area and volume


In response to the State of Illinois’ adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for student learning, District 103 (in collaboration with Area 125 Consortium School Districts 76, 79, 96, 102, 103 and 125) has aligned its mathematics curricula to the CCSS. 

  • 6th Grade Common Core: This course covers all of the 6th grade Common Core Standards.
  • Pre-Algebra Survey: This accelerated course covers all of the 6th and some of the 7th grade Common
  • Core Standards.
  • Pre-Algebra: This honors class covers all of the 6th and 7th grade Common Core Standards, including topics covered in Pre-Algebra survey.


The Grade Six math curriculum will incorporate the Standards for Mathematical Practice that will support the Common Core State Standards.


This overview for Mathematics, provided by the Council of the Great City Schools, reflects how the Common Core State Standards have guided our development of a rich and comprehensive curriculum for our students.

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