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In Grade Seven, students will further develop their understanding of rates and ratios, using tables, graphs, and equations to solve real-world problems involving proportional relationships. Students will also work on quickly and accurately solving multi-step problems involving positive and negative rational numbers—any number that can be made by dividing one integer by another, such as ½, 0.75, or 2. Additionally, students will expand their knowledge of geometry and apply the properties of operations to solve real world problems involving the measurement of multi-dimensional objects. Activities in these areas will include:

  • Determining whether two quantities are in a proportional relationship and using knowledge of rates, ratios, proportions, and percentages to solve multi-step problems
  • Identifying the unit rate of change (the constant rate at which the value of a variable changes) in tables, graphs, equations, and verbal descriptions
  • Calculating the unit rates associated with ratios of fractions, including quantities measured in different units (for example, the ratio of ½ a mile for every ¼ of an hour means that you travel 2 miles in an hour)
  • Solving problems using equations to find the value of one missing variable
  • Applying the properties of operations to generate equivalent mathematical expressions
  • Solving multi-step word problems by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing positive and negative rational numbers in any form (including whole numbers, fractions, or decimals)
  • Understanding that numbers cannot be divided by 0
  • Converting rational numbers to decimals using long division
  • Describing situations in which positive and negative quantities combine to make zero
  • Finding the area of two-dimensional objects and the volume and surface area of three-dimensional objects


In response to the State of Illinois’ adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for student learning, District 103 (in collaboration with Area 125 Consortium School Districts 76, 79, 96, 102, 103 and 125) has aligned its mathematics curricula to the CCSS. 

  • Pre-Algebra: This course incorporates all 7th grade Common Core Math Standards.
  • Algebra: This accelerated course covers 7th and 8th grade Common Core Standards.
  • Algebra I: This honors course covers all 8th grade Common Core Standards as well as all of the high school Algebra 1 Common Core Standards. This class is extremely fast-paced and requires academic  maturity, dedication, and independence.


The Grade Seven math curriculum will incorporate the Standards for Mathematical Practice that support the Common Core State Standards.


This overview for Mathematics, provided by the Council of the Great City Schools, reflects how the Common Core State Standards have guided our development of a rich and comprehensive curriculum for our students.

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