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Fine Arts – Art and Music

The Illinois Learning Standards for Fine Arts were developed using the National Standards for Arts Education. District 103 adheres to the Illinois Learning Standards. Our most important goals throughout the Fine Arts program are to encourage students to reach their potential, gain confidence in their ability, think creatively, develop appreciation for various styles, and develop a positive feeling toward art and music and its integration into daily living.


The Grade Eight art curriculum focuses on the following:

  • identify, describe and use the elements of value (tint, shade, tone) and color (intermediate, compliments, analogous.) i.e. acrylic landscape.
  • identify and use 1 and 2 point perspective.
  • identify and describe how elements and principles combine within an art form to express ideas.
  • integrate social studies curriculum : Egypt, Greece, American History, Medieval Times, and Renaissance.
  • develop and explore the use of modern technological tools and process used to create 2D images ( i.e. computer based projects ).
  • study and evaluate the work of visual artists from prehistoric time to the present.
  • identify and apply principles of the visual arts in business and industry (i.e. architecture)
  • identify and discuss the range of visual arts and careers.

To view the comprehensive Scope and Sequence of the District Art Curriculum, please visit this link:  District Art Curriculum


The Grade Eight music curriculum focuses on the following:

  • read and interpret guitar chords
  • understand music technology terminology
  • understand how composers utilize computer notation programs
  • describe how acoustics affects sound waves
  • play melodic and harmonic passages on guitar while observing score markings
  • demonstrate knowledge of music technology by playing and creating on electronic  instruments
  • compose and perform music using the 12-Bar Blues Progression
  • perform in a rock ensemble setting
  • understand 4 elements of sound (pitch, volume, tone, enveloping) and how they are utilized in the recreation of sound
  • recognize atonal, non-traditional notation
  • recognize music containing an ostinato
  • compare and contrast various jazz styles and rock styles

The comprehensive Scope and Sequence of the District Music Curriculum is currently under review. It will be posted when finalized.

An Optional Fine Arts Program is available to students in Grade Eight. This includes:

  • Chorus
  • Orchestra
  • Band

Additional Creative Arts Classes

To supplement the classes included in the “Additional Curriculum Areas”, Daniel Wright also offers several ENCORE classes for Grade Eight. Curricular descriptions of these classes will be added as soon as the curriculum is aligned to the National Standards.

  • Performing Arts




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