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Illinois Department of Transportation - Non-Scheduled School Bus Inspection

On the morning of May 17, 2018, two Vehicle Compliance Inspectors from the Illinois Department of Transportation conducted an unannounced inspection of our school bus fleet.

IDOT is responsible for regulating and overseeing both scheduled and non-scheduled school bus inspections. Scheduled inspections are conducted at approximately 250 official testing stations located across Illinois. In addition to these scheduled inspections, over 5,500 non-scheduled inspections are conducted by IDOT Vehicle Inspectors annually. Non-scheduled or "unannounced" inspections are performed wherever a school bus may be stored or parked.

At the conclusion of the inspection, we received 6 warnings. The warnings were for minor violations such as LED lights out, unsecured items and a broken auxiliary heater pipe. These items must be repaired within 30 days. We have contacted our maintenance provider and have scheduled a technician to come out and repair these items.

We are proud of the work that our Fleet Manager, Wayne McGee, and his team, Robert Appleby and Dario Colin, have done to keep our buses in safe, working order. We are happy to report that no buses were placed out-of-service or in need of a re-inspection.

A copy of the inspection report is available here.

Repairs have been completed and a copy of those reports are available here.

To see the violation criteria set in Administrative Code, click here.

Pictured below: Inspectors in the process of inspecting D103 buses.

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