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Rock it Lab

Students worked in teams in Samantha Duffy’s ‘Rock it Lab’ to make decisions about what types of materials and shapes might amplify sound during a DW seventh-grade science class experiment. They tested their theories using recorded music on an amplifying device on their iPads. After testing their theories, they will then create a final speaker to compete with their class.

It's all part of Daniel Wright’s Next Generation Science Standards where students develop and build a model to show how sound waves are reflected, absorbed, or transmitted through various materials and shapes. This helps them better understand how sound travels or interacts with other objects.

“Students have learned that sound travels through different mediums, but this is a hands-on activity to test the information that we have learned in class, explained Mrs. Duffy. “It gives them an opportunity to try different things, collaborate with their peers, and learn from each other,” she said.