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Picking Up Your Student

In an effort to ensure the safety of our students and enhance the efficiency of parent pick up at Daniel Wright, we have a formal pick up procedure.

The pick up and bus loading procedures are intended to not only provide optimal traffic flow but to prepare for safe crossing and pick up of students.

Parents who are picking up their children will enter the northernmost entrance and bear right to proceed counter-clockwise around the building. Traffic will be one way around the back of the building and we are asking that vehicles wait along the left-hand curb.

Eighth & seventh-grade students will exit through door H and/or door I and sixth-grade students through door P. Please have your children plan to exit through these specific doors unless you have made arrangements with your children to exit at another door. Additionally, please be sure your children are aware you will be picking them up each day and please let them know which vehicle you are driving.

Students should access waiting vehicles from the driver’s side so they do not have to step into the right lane of traffic. Please do not park side by side as the outermost lane must be left open in the event that we need to have emergency vehicles enter the campus. Additionally, do not park your vehicle in parking spots to wait for your child. If your children are not out when you pull up, you will be asked to pull ahead.

Please review the diagram of our school to determine where would be the best exit door for your child. You can plan to wait in an area closest to that exit.

Once buses are loaded, all pick up traffic will be stopped to release the buses out of the southern entrance to Daniel Wright.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we dismiss our students and bus riders.