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Healthy Hearts

Students in DW’s Physical Education classes are working out and they’re doing it with enthusiasm now that they can self monitor their heart rate thanks to donations from the PTO’s Links 2 Learning Program for Heart Zones heart rate monitors.

“The entire PE department has embedded technology that is engaging, rigorous and relevant, and can quantify how students are progressing physically,” principal Michelle Blackley shared with the board of education during a recent physical education presentation on the Heart Zones Monitor program. 

PE Teacher Mike Jerzyk added, “This program is a great way for students to visually see what it means to work hard and get their heart rate up. While students work out they are monitoring their vigorous activity to achieve 120-160 heart rate beats per minute.”

During scheduled PE class rotations into the fitness center, students will strap on heart rate monitors on their forearms and then view their assigned number flashing on a large screen for them to watch while they work out. In the fitness room, students run on the treadmills, ride stationary bikes, use ellipticals, rowers, and strength training machines to increase their heart rate while trying to improve their cardiovascular fitness levels and muscular endurance. 

“This is a great self-assessment tool for students. Students can see and learn which activities produce an elevated heart rate for full health benefits. It really motivates students to work hard.  It is also a great communication tool to share with students and parents as workout results are graphed with vital information and can be emailed home or shared,” said John Rueth.