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Congrats Special Olympics Team

Congratulations to DW's Special Olympics Team and their athletic accomplishment of collecting achieving 744.81 miles walking, running, or jogging. The team participated in the Olympic Stride Challenge 2020, which partnered students to track how many miles they were walking, running or jogging between Oct. 7 and Dec. 13. Please congratulate the DW team and Coach Alex Funk!

  • Rylan Pingel (8th) and Saif Hashmi (8th), 236.25 miles
  • Shania Clement (8th) and Amira Chavez (7th), 190.8 miles
  • Kanika Sharma (8th) and Hannah Schwartz (8th), 189.76 miles
  • Charles Robert (6th) and Carolyn Ryan (7th), 70.5 miles
  • Timur Sharipov (6th) and Owen Moran (6th), 32 miles
  • Chase Matteson (7th) and Ryan Tarr (6th), 25.5 miles