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Astronomy Lessons

Teachers Sarah Kantor and Anthony Hafner wanted to send a quick highlight featuring their seventh-grade science classes. Although this year has been extremely different, students were able to leave for winter break with some amazing experiences.

As the teachers finished up their Astronomy unit, students had the opportunity to see a presentation created by an aerospace engineer who worked for NASA, Jennifer Carlstrom. They were then able to create interview questions and listen to Mrs. Carlstrom's responses through a recorded Zoom meeting.

Students also had a class period with one other aerospace engineer, Miss Kantor’s brother, Mike Kantor. He was able to talk about his experiences at Honda Jet and how to get into an aerospace engineering program. After sharing his experiences and more information on this STEM field, students could interact with Mr. Kantor and ask their questions live.

Mr. Hafner and Miss Kantor are thrilled students were able to have these new opportunities, especially during a year that has been anything but ordinary.