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Student Schedules

We are happy to share that all students, either in the remote learning model or in-person learning model, will continue with 5 days of synchronous instruction from now until the end of the 2020-2021 school year! In order to make this happen, pods of students have been reorganized and many student schedules and/or teachers have changed, even if you did not make a change to your child’s learning preference.

Principal Michelle Blackley is directly emailing students and parents to notify them of schedule changes. If you do NOT receive an email from Mrs. Blackley on or before Tuesday, January 12 your child’s classes and teachers will remain as they are currently scheduled. Any changes are planned to take effect in PowerSchool on January 19, 2021, however future classes can be viewed at this time through the Unified Classroom portal.

We realize that changes in student schedules are difficult and it will require time for students to develop new relationships with peers and teachers. However, our staff has been working collaboratively to align instruction across content areas and share student progress on learning to allow for an easier transition from one classroom to another.

In order to lessen social exposure to a variety of students and enhance safety, learning pods continue to be implemented. For that reason we CANNOT accommodate requests for teacher or course changes for in-person student schedules. Please help us ease the transition for our students by promoting a positive mind set, celebrating a fresh start and embracing new challenges that a different schedule may bring. 

We continue to work on any changes to advisory and flex time teachers. Prior to January 19 your child will receive an email from their new advisor with class information. Final assignments for flex teachers can be viewed in PowerSchool after the 15th of January.

Please note that all changes are effective January 19 regardless of if we continue to be fully remote as a district or are able to be in-person due to improving metrics. More information will be shared in the next week regarding the possibility of a return to in person learning.