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Tutoring Available

Need some academic assistance? Daniel Wright offers students the P.A.S.S. (Providing Academic Success for Students) after school academic program. The P.A.S.S. program is an excellent opportunity for students to take advantage of Stevenson student peer tutors and a DW Staff member after the regular school day.

Stevenson peer tutors, coupled with DW P.A.S.S. supervisors, are available to provide support to students through Zoom assistance in the following ways:

  • Reviewing and reinforcing academic content

  • Preparing for quizzes and other assessments

  • Reviewing and editing written assignments

  • Having a quizzing partner for test preparation or vocabulary development

  • Helping with creating presentation for group or individual projects

  • Providing support, tips and tricks with electronic resources such as Zoom, Google Docs, sheets & slides...

Fill out the DW Google Form for assistance.